A team that delivers what it promises. Pranaam experience at CSMIA has been the most consistent over the years. Seamless, stress-free and always welcoming with a smile, Pranaam is my trusted companion at the airport.
I have used similar services, like Pranaam, in other parts of the world but their warmth and efficiency with an added layer of Indian hospitality really sets Pranaam apart.  I especially appreciate them taking care of my mum when she is travelling alone. It’s reassuring to know there’s someone trustworthy with her, every step of the way so that she doesn’t have to walk long distances to and from the aircraft or worry about handling heavy baggage, herself.
I am used to travelling alone but Pranaam Services has just spoilt me. When I travel to other airports, I keep looking over my shoulder to check for someone to help me. The entire experience has been so amazing. I get to explore the beauty of this terminal carefree while someone looks after everything & ensures I make it to my flight. If you every want to feel like royalty, check Pranaam out at Mumbai Airport.
I would like to place my appreciation and very many thanks to the excellent service I received by the Pranaam team. The team is specially caring & attentive towards the special needs of my son. I will always recommend Pranaam to any parent travelling with a child or to elderly parents as the value for money is exceptional.
Amazing people. The team is fantastic & extremely warm. Porters are handling the luggage very well. The overall service experience is excellent. A complete value for money when I travel with my family. I miss Pranaam Services at other airports in India.

We have travelled quite a bit together but with kids around the best laid plans can go for a toss. I have to say Pranaam truly makes this experience a breeze. I got to keep my eye on them while your team took care of everything!! Not to mention I got brownie points with the kids, since they got a VIP joyride in your electric buggys. We love Pranaam Services!!
I was among 135 journalists who visited India as the guests for an event. One of the first-rate niceties that the organizers arranged for its guests was Pranaam’s arrival and departure service at the Mumbai Airport. Many of us attending the event talked about how wonderful the service from Pranaam was. To top it all off, we waited for our flight in a comfortable and quiet Pranaam Lounge. Finally, a team arranged for us to be driven to our boarding gate on an electric cart – a wonderful finish to a superior experience. What an outstanding job they did.

It is always a pleasure to be met by the staff of Pranaam Adani Airports Guest Services, be it on arrival or departure, there is always a smile and a pleasant person to talk to as you navigate through the airport. For every trip the team provides personalized service, and are very professional. I commend your training and persons and personalities you employ. I look forward to returning in a few weeks time and using Pranaam Services once again.

Thank you for all your love and attention all this time. I hope to see you on my way back. Thank you for your patience with me and making my departure to a new phase of life memorable. Pranaam Services, you shall be missed.
Thank you once again for the wonderful service. My mother was extremely happy with the personal care accorded to her and the children. It is wonderful to see that the high standards set by your team are only getting better. Keep it up.
The team was fully involved in handling film stars that were travelling to Malaysia to attend our IIFA awards; they were very impressed by the PRANAAM services. We have strongly recommended Pranaam services to Bollywood personalities, they also commented on very high standard of your services. Once again thank you for your association with IIFA, and my sincere thanks to the team.
I just wanted to drop you a note to say how the good the service was that I received while transiting in Mumbai. Your team is unfailingly courteous, charming and helpful. They made airport travel a very easy and comfortable experience. I will most certainly use your services again.